Wildflowers in a Native Oak Woodland and Open Grassland on Bell Springs Mountain

Photographed by Doug Zimmerman


As spring moves into summer the grasslands turn golden brown and the forest canopy becomes dark green with new leaves. The spring flowers are going go to seed and a new group of wildflowers are beginning to bloom. Summer wildflowers of the oak woodlands thrive in drying conditions and dappled shade. Flowers blooming on the open hillsides must compete with the annual grasses rapidly growing to heights of 4 to 6 feet.

Elegant Brodiaea
Brodiaea elegans

White Brodiaea or White Hyacinth
Triteleia hyacinthina

Lovely Clarkia or Red Ribbons
Clarkia concinna

Diamond or Tongue Clarkia
Clarkia rhomboidea

Lonicera hispidula

Wild or Long-tailed Ginger
Asarum caudatum

Redwood Lily
Lilium rubescens

Lonicera hispidula

Indian Paintbrush
Castilleja foliolosa

Hooker's Fairy Bell
Disporum hookeri

Blow Wives
Achyrachaena mollis

Tomcat Clover
Trifolium willdenovii

Leptosiphon bicolo

Hartweg's Mallow
Sidalcea hartwegii

Woodland or Forest Madia
Madia madioides

Eriastrum abramsii

Lovely Clarkia or Red Ribbons
Clarkia concinna

Scutellaria antirrhinoides

Rubus leucodermis

Fringed Checkerbloom Mallow
Sidalcea diploscypha

Morning Glory
Convolvulus arvensis

Cobwebby Thistle
Cirsium occidenta

Giant-seeded Lomatium
Lomatium macrocarpum

Small-flowering Saxifrage
Heuchera micrantha

Indian Pink
Silene californica

Galium aparine

Snowy Thistle
Cirsium occidentale

Bolander's Onion
Allium bolanderi

Bluehead Globe
Gilia capitata

Littleleaf Showy Rock Montia
Montia parvifolia

Coyote mint
Monardella villosa

Mountain Balm or Snowbrush
Ceanothus velutinus

Indian Pink
Silene californica

©Doug Zimmerman, DAZimmerman.com