Northern California Wildflowers in a Native Oak Woodland and Open Grassland

Photographed by Doug Zimmerman

A Season of Wildflowers Photographed in the Mixed Oak Forests and Grassy Openings on Bell Springs Mountain in Northern Mendocino County, California.

Bell Springs mountain sits in a remote natural landscape of steep rocky outcrops, forests and rolling grass covered hills, ranging from 2000 to 4000 feet in elevation. Numerous springs, creeks and streams eventually drain into the main fork of the Eel River. Four seasons provide an average 80 inches of rain in the winter and spring, drought during the summer and fall. This area is considered a transitional zone between coastal mountains to the west and interior valleys to the east. The resulting mix of climatic conditions provide habitat for a large variety of wildflowers blooming from March to October.

The photographs in the following galleries were taken in this nearly pristine environment using only natural sunlight for illumination.

The Oak Woodland
oaks in snow

©Doug Zimmerman,